IV. Industry, Agriculture, and Geography

Ikchamochamo Bubblr

A. What is the geography of this utopian place? What are the major geographical features (bodies of water, mountains, canyons, etc.)? What does this place look like?

Ikchamochamo is a tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean. It has all the features of tropical islands: palm trees, millions of flowers, warm sandy beaches, and clear blue water. It was the ultimate definition of the perfect luxury, at least before the cruise ship came. There is a river on the island from which the Hexarohs get most of their drinking water. The whole entire island of Ikchamochamo is a volcano, just like the islands of Hawaii. Therefore, it is very high in the middle of the island and at sea level on the beaches. To get a fuller sense of the geography of Ikchamochamo, check out the Bubblr above.

B. What natural resources, if any, are available? How will they be used?

Everything on the island before the crusie ship came was a natural resource. The iron rich volcanic soil was great for planting crops and the river in the dense rainforest part of the island was a vital source for survival for the Hexarohs. The sapphires were discovered on the island, though they did not have a purpose before the publication of the island. Everything else on the island before the cruise ship was a natural resource. And, even after the cruise ship came and people started to colonize the island, over half of the things that people used to build houses and buildings and stores came from the island.

C. Is the climate suitable for agriculture? If so, what crops will be cultivated? Please make reference to population statistics for feasibility calculation.

The climate is suitable for agriculture. In fact, the mineral rich volcanic red soil on the island is better than regular soil for planting crops. The crops on the island that were there before the Hexarohs came were bananas, papayas, mango, coconuts, and other fruits. After the Hexarohs came, they planted beans, squash, tomatoes, and other vegetables. There was never a shortage of food when the population of the Hexarohs increased because they could always plant more. And, even after the publication, people who came to the island brought other foods (like artificial things), and also there were imports of food, so there was never a shortage of food if the population increased.

D. How are jobs determined? What percentage of the workforce is dedicated to the survival and growth of the Utopia?

Jobs are determined by people and their abilities and skills. No one is forced to work at a job against their will. All of the jobs on Ikchamochamo are dedicated to the survival and growth of it because everyone on the island wants to contribute to the well-being of it.

E. Is this Utopia notable for any particular crop (e.g. silk, kiwi fruit) or industry (e.g. postage stamps, fine furniture)?

There is no particular crop or industry that Ikchamochamo is known to provide, but there are sapphires that are used as the currency.

F. What, if anything, is imported? From whom?

Food (like artificial, manufactured yucky little things that taste amazing) are imported. Also, building materials are imported for building different infrastructure. However, there is no need for imported produce because there are all types of produce on Ikchamochamo.

G. What, if anything, is exported? To whom?

The sapphires on the island, the official currency of Ikchamochamo, are not exported because they are a private industry that, in other parts of the world, are not commonly used. Factories that manufactured different goods were built on Ikchamochamo and this caused the exportation of those different goods. Also, fresh produce is exported from the island.