I. Origins

A. How will this Utopia come into being? Be very specific about
deliberate creation versus accidental creation.
This utopia is in the future. I can't tell you how far because I myself have no notion. What I can tell you is this: it is most definetly a deliberate creation. Temomorn is a planet that has been ignored for years by the Naftis Empire even though it is not far off a major trade route.

B. What is the time line for the creation and development of this Utopia?
If you began building tomorrow, where will your society be in 5 years?
In 50 years? In 500 years?

C. How do people find out about your Utopia? Do people accidentally stumble across it through exploration? Is a member of the society telling the story of the utopia?
Once the people settle it they contact others on other planets. Most people have family on some of the other planets in the Empire.