II. Population and Demographics

A. Please indicate the projected population statistics here:
Year one: number of women 677, men 709, children 1213
Year fifty: number of women 2039, men 2172, children 4402
Year five hundred: number of women 9099, men 9254, children 12501

B. Does this Utopia have specific criteria for entry? If so, please list
the criteria here. (Do not forget to list language(s) spoken.) If not,
please proceed to the next section.
This utopia doesn't have any specific criteria other than you can't be a criminal and you have to be approved by the General Authority. English is spoken in most areas and everyone knows how to, but in some areas Danish is the main language.

C. What are the specific skills, if any, possessed by the first generation of
citizens in this Utopia?
The people who organized the expidition made sure to take people with a wide range of skills that were most useful to them and made sure that lots of people could teach the different skills to the kids.

D. How does your Utopia deal with the concept of race, especially in its incecption (beginning)? Does it have only one race? Does it allow mixed race bonds to be formed?