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Table of Contents

Utopia ProposalI. OriginsII. Population and DemographicsIII. Culture, Social Customs, and Family StructureC. Arts and Entertainment:IV. Industry, Agricultre, and GeographyV. GovernmentVI. InfrastructureVII: Reaction to Society and Other Utopias (You may want to wait until you have finished your reaction novel in order to complete this section)IX. Unique Features of this Utopia

III. Culture, Social Customs, and Family Structure

A. Education of citizens is an important aspect in most civilizations.
How will this Utopia respond to the following issues:
1. Access to education
Anyone can go to school.

2. Curriculum taught and vehicle(s) for curriculum delivery

3. Value placed on the role of Educators

B. How will this Utopia address the following issues regarding religion?
1. State sanctioned religion vs. multiple religious traditions

a. If a state sanctioned religion, what level of observance
will be required? What will enforcement procedures entail?

2. Observance of eastern and western religions as they
currently exist vs. the creation of a new religion or many
new religions?