Al Marea's Culture, Social Customs, And Family Structure

The access to education is much like a lottery. Based on your IQ, how many people apply, and the distance to that school, a machine networked to a bunch of other ones and the main computer will pick a school for you. After you get your school, it's exactly the same as on Earth. Some schools will be better than others and they all vary in cleanness, strictness, and materials.

The curriculum for finishing college is that you must learn trigonometry (and all the ones before), have the ability to write a very good persuasive essay, know biology, chemistry, physics, important events in history, Al Marea's general geography, and the ability to think quickly. All resources will be imported from Earth, except biology, chemistry, and geography, by regular vehicles, such as a truck.

Educators are valued enormously and get paid twice as much as on Earth. They are usually appointed if that person enjoys working with kids. Usually, educators get to have a bigger say within the government than the vice-presidents of small companies. Being an educator in Al Marea is also a sign of honor and dignity (kind of at least).

In Al Marea, there aren't any sanctioned religions, though it is required that you ignore any religion practice that someone is doing. If your religion needs you to ask questions, you will be kicked out immediately. If you don't ignore any practices near you, you will have certain consequences.


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