Al Marea's Arts And Entertainment

Al Marea's literature starts out as books imported from Earth, such as The Giver. It later develops into digital entries on a more advanced and developed internet. It also adds visual content to the text so you can see what the author paints for you.

Al Marea's fine arts have been developed from Earth's fine arts of all nations. Most of them are basically a fusion of different types of art. Such as the tango with the waltz, or Shakespeare with IM language.

Al Marea's music will stay generally the same as Earth's with a few minor adjustments and more styles, like rock and classical. Violent or stimulant music will not exist. Also, any music offending a person beyond reasonable limits will also be banned.

Animation and movies by this time are in 3D. All movies genres are specifically created to suit certain people's interests. 4D movies are in development.

All sports require 3D space. Since there is a mixture of extremely low gravity (.1G) to high gravity (3G), different sports are played at different times. Sports include Survi, Higeta, and Flaron. Explained more specifically at Unique Features.

The value of artists and athletes are dependent on how professional they are. The value is basically the same as Earth except that it is solely based on their amount of skill. The amount of money they make in proportion to everybody else is slightly less than on Earth.

The national dish of Al Marea is a dish of noodles with tens of spices and seasoning added so nobody after eating the dish could withstand it without a drink. The feeling towards food is that it is something that never is an ordeal but is a just a part of everyday life.

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