Al Marea's Features

  • A game played during high gravity
  • A cube with many holes tilts around while you try to survive as long as you can with other people.
  • There are also extendable blocks that try to throw you off balance.
  • Cubes can be a different and unique 3D shape
  • One side can be up to 1 mile long!

  • A game that is played during low gravity
  • You start on a spring on a special track that can be changed and customized
  • You race other people on parallel track
  • The track swirls sideways, upside-down, etc.
  • Tracks can be up to 5 miles long!

  • A game played while the planet is switching gravities
  • Obstacle course that is continually tilting, changing directions, moving around, extending and retracting obstacles, and breaking apart and coming together again.
  • Hard, very hard
  • Obstacle courses can be 5 miles long!

Interesting Things:
  • The sky is actually a very bright orange that would blind anybody that even looked up if it wasn't for the nus!
  • The nus actually drains light, it doesn't give anything off.
  • Instead of black holes, white holes exist and they push things away from their center instead of pulling things in.
  • Mountains are purple/orange.
  • Gravity is continually changing.
  • Things on Earth are very similar to their counterparts on Al Marea, they are only a different color.
  • There was originally no life on Al Marea.
  • If you are under 5 years old or over 50 years old, large purple worms will sprout from the ground, immediately devouring anything in its way, otherwise it lies dormant.
  • A giant flaming cheese wheel rolls around Al Marea every 4 years. Yes, flaming. And heavy.
  • If you dig to the center of Al Marea, you will freeze. The temperature is so low that nothing moves at the very center.
  • Al Marea is very very very similar to Earth. Very.


Things You Shouldn't Do:
  • Don't be under 5 years old or over 50 years old.
  • Do not underestimate the weight of the giant flaming cheese wheel.
  • Avoid living near the path of the giant flaming cheese wheel.
  • Don't annoy any artificial life forms that live there now.