Al Marea's Government

Al Marea does not have a leader, it has a council that manages different things. The choosing of people on the council is based on popular vote. The removal of leaders are also by popular vote.

To create or modify laws, send a suggestion to the council with at least 200 of other people's approval. If the suggestion is approved by more than 3/4 of the council, the new law will be put into effect.

There are little power in the checks for government. The council holds all the power within the utopia. To prevent tyranny, one person can get the approvals from 2000 other people and all of the people on council are immediately kicked and replaced. The council has no right to delay or prevent the collection of approvals.

The council or government has no right to interrupt or support in any individual ideas unless they are against any of the rules. If a member of the council becomes involved with an individualistic ideal then it will be ignored until it grows to assume some role in politics.

When there is a local offense they will be at first warned twice, then:
  • Fined for ^50-^200
  • Go to jail for up to 5 years (Do not pass GO!, do not collect $200)
  • Move to national offense

For a national offense:
  • Fined for ^1000-^2000
  • Go to jail for up to 25 years
  • Move to international offense

For an international offense:
  • Fined for ^10000-^50000
  • Life sentence in jail
  • Death

The currency for Al Marea is the doofel (^). Discovered by Prof. S. Doofel.

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