The geography of Al Marea is exactly the same as Earth. Exactly. If a landform is destroyed on Earth, the exact same landform is destroyed in Al Marea, and vice-versa. Although the land is the exact same size and shape, the colors greatly contrast each other. Green is red, brown is gray, etc. (Most things are purple.)

Natural resources are all the same as Earth with a few added miscellaneous things such as a fire flower (Not taken from Mario. It's literally a flower... made of fire.), ice trees, etc. Some natural resources have disappeared such as oil. All these resources will be used as they are on Earth.

The climate all around Al Marea are exactly the opposite of Earth. Some places are okay for growing crops, others are a bit too chilly or sizzling for anything to be there at all. If it's a desert on Earth, it's a place on Al Marea that gets plenty of snowstorms. At the very eastern and western poles of Al Marea, it's a severe desert the breaks all the heat world records on Earth. The east pole (80 C) isn't as hot as the west pole (100 C).

Jobs are determined by a lottery system based on your likes and what you know. It costs a certain amount of money to get a new job if you don't enjoy or want to change your old job. The lottery automatically accesses the database of all the available jobs and spits out the best ones for you. About 10% of the work force is dedicated to the survival of the utopia.

My utopia is very notable for a variety of foreign fruits and vegetables not found on Earth. Such as yvi nosiops, sugnufs, aisefflars, and enabflows. It is also famous for certain materials such as muinaru, muinotulp, Al Marea is not famous for anything in industry, but the amount of natural resources makes up for that lack.

Lots of manufactured goods are imported to Al Marea because Al Marea is more of a calm agricultural society. Al Marea has the same amount of natural resources than any other nation has put together. Al Marea can find any resource on Earth on Al Marea (plus more).

Al Marea is an important source of natural resources and land to many countries because of its imitation to Earth. If you find a piece of something interesting on one point on Earth, you can find the same thing at the exact opposite point on Al Marea.


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