Al Marea's Infrastructure

Al Marea's hospitals are plentiful and are common throughout cities. You are never more than 15 miles away from a hospital. All hospitals have the exact same equipment, so one person does not recieve more care than others.

Libraries are not common in a city. There are on average 5 libraries in a single city (cities are at least 20 miles in radius). They all contain the same amount of the same books.

There is no need for fire protection in Al Marea because the atmosphere is not suitable for any type of fire. If anything lights on fire, it will fizzle out within a second.

Power plants are also not necessary because the warpholes radiate energy. Many energy collectors are placed around every warphole to support the amount of energy Al Marea uses.

The types of houses Al Marea has are basically three-story houses, even the poorest houses are at least two stories. There are other houses like multi-family houses and large complexes.

Recreation centers are not too common in cities. There are about 10 in each city. They all have the same equipment and supplies and one other thing that is unique to that recreational center.

All warehouses, recreation centers, etc. are alloted ^2000 per month to buy things, pay employees, etc. They are allowed to negotiate for more only if they have a decent reason.

The taxes for anywhere on Al Marea is a constant 4.5%. It is a national offense to increase or decrease the tax.

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