The Origin Of Al Marea

The roots of this society begins in 2057. Humans have yet to colonize the moon, much less planets. One scientist, named Auron P. Rolf, was toying with the idea of warpholes. The warpholes, also known as wormholes, were once thought to be available passages from one point in space to the next. Auron was constructing a mini-warphole generator. This was incredibly dangerous because it consumed 20,000 joules of nuclear energy, nothing else. Auron's assistant, Paul R. Talore, was very clumsy. One day on October 11, Auron was out. Paul came to Auron's laboratory with a fresh new nuclear power cell. He tripped over the power wires, fell over, hitting the power button, while the power cell clanged against the inside of the generator. Still being incomplete, the generator whirled to life and vaporized the entire power cell. All the energy was released at once. The generator and the still incomplete warphole absorbed all the energy and it resulted in half a nuclear explosion.Most of the energy was blown into the warphole, enlarging it, but some of the nuclear explosion managed to at least reach Paul, killing him instantly. By the time Auron figured out what happened, the warphole was sustaining itself, feeding off of large caches of energy. When Auron gazed into the warphole, he saw a distorted land. On October 12, 2057, Al Marea became a reality.

In the following 5 years, a lot of research had been done on this unknown planet. They sent in robots to test the air, the gravity, etc. Not much progress. In the next 50 years, scientists and researchers would be allowed a 5 hour glimpse into Al Marea within a 50-foot radius of the original warphole, using life-support systems. In the next 500 years, Al Marea would be colonized by only certified scientists and researchers. A lot of progress, but not enough for civilians to even know about this.

Regular civilians find out about Al Marea 1000-1100 years later. An international scientific community displays the wonderful advantages of having Al Marea linked to Earth. 20 million people opposed this thought very strongly. They eventually found Al Marea to be boring and ignored the idea.


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