Al Marea's Population And Demographics

Year 5: Men-3 Women-2 Children-0
Year 50: Men-30 Women-28 Children-0
Year 500: Men-1243 Women-1157 Children-2
Year 5000: Men-23409781 Women-23424167 Children-4223981

The specific criteria for entry will be that they agree that they will not go farther than 20 (will increase later) miles into Al Marea. If they have trouble breathing or are color blind or blind in any way then they will not be allowed entry. Anybody older than 50 and younger than 5 must evacuate immediately. They must agree not to stereotype. Must be able to speak English or Chinese or Shoopufer.

The specific skills that the first generation possess was some type of ability to do research so they can learn more about this mysterious twin to the Earth. They also need common sense, a sense of safety, and the sense to not risk anything. Must have an IQ of at least 150.

A part of the criteria for entry was that they will agree not to stereotype at all. This immediately deals with the concept of race as this society doesn't have any concepts of race. All are treated as if they were from the same race.

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