This page is for any visitors to the wiki who would like to contribute to project, but do not want to create their own utopia. The suggestions found below were all given by the students participating in this project. They represent the welcome collaboration that springs from an open dialogue about how Utopias can grow, shift, and change.

Overall Feedback Questions for Starting Discussions

  • How creative is my utopia?
  • How could my utopia be better?
    • What can/should I add or take away in order to make my society stronger or more interesting?
  • Would you want to live in my utopia?
  • What do you find interesting about my utopia?
  • What is something that is imperfect about my utopia?
  • What "enhancements" could I include so that my utopia would be more realistic and stand out among the others?
  • How would you do your utopia differently that the way I have done it?
  • Have I explained this well enough for you to understand my utopia?
  • Are there any topics that I have left unexplored in my utopia?
    • What kinds of controversial ideas need to be covered in order to fully round out the society?

Specific Critique Questions for Starting Discussions

  • Does my population and demographics make sense with my utopia?
  • Would my government really work?
  • How can you "break" my society or at least "poke holes" in it?
    • What kind of "What If..." situations could you propose that would cause my utopia to break down?

Types of Questions You Should Ask

  • How does that [insert specific process or idea from my utopia] work exactly because it seems kind of far fetched?
  • Why did you pick [insert specific process or idea from my utopia] or make that decision?
  • How is your utopia a reflection of who you are as a person?