This page is for any students who are looking to put more than just words into their Utopia proposal. Please use the following resources to embed multi-media into your proposal so that your reader can more fully understand what your utopia looks like and feels like. If you find any other resources that you think might be useful to your fellow utopians, please add them below.

Mr. Wilkoff's Found Resources

Seal Creator: Use this resource to create the emblem of your utopia. A great way to get ideas for the environment of your utopia is to create a matching seal.
Slideshare: Use this resource if you would like to create a PowerPoint of your Utopia summarizing its ideals. This site will allow you to embed that powerpoint into your wiki page, so that your reader will not have to download the PowerPoint file in order to enjoy your work.
Newspaper Clip Generator: Use this resource in order to quickly show the newspaper of your Utopia. You can create news-flashes or daily events through this resource if you would like.
Gcast: Use this resource if you would like to use your cell phone to record a podcast of your Utopia. Give us a tour of what you would see in your utopia. "Interview" someone who lives in this society. Ask someone to describe how their society is different than yours.
Splashcast: Use this resource if you would like to put video, audio, and pictures all together and then embed them onto your wiki page. This resource is a little more complex than some of the others, but you can create something really unique with this one.
Bubblr: We have used this one before, but I thought I would remind you that creating a interactive comic strip of your utopia is a great way of introducing some of the finer points (hopefully not just geography either).
Bitty Browsers: Use this resource if you would like to include another webpage within your wikipage but there isn't any other way of embedding it. This may be a last resort for getting other content onto your Utopia pages, or it could be a way for you enhance your utopia with more rich content.
Google My Maps: Use this resource to create an interactive map on your wikipage. You can put multiple pins in the map and give some information about each one. Unfortunately, you can only create maps of the real world. So, if your utopia is someplace other than earth, you will have to use another resource for creating your own map.
Create a Graph -ables you to create graphs for your page.
Create a Warning Sign-ables you to create a warning sign for your page.
Ninja Text- ables you create a animation that writes text for you.

Taylor's Found Resources

Gif generator - Fancy animations/pictures (Zevariax helped find this)
Create A Flag Not that many choices but it works! You have to take a screen shot for it to work.

Austin's Found Resources:

All of these are AWESOME.
Empressr: This resource will allow you to put together a lot of different types of media (images, movies, audio) into one presentation that can be embedded onto your wikipage. It may be easier than Splashcast; Check it out.
Spresent:Use this resource to create "High Definition" presentations online with animated clipart and a whole lot more. These presentations are way better than PowerPoint, and easier to create.
Zoho Show: This resource is for creating PowerPoint-like presentations on the web. It is easy to use and you can embed them directly into a webpage.

Cody's Found Resources

Dude9Coolio's Section Of Resources

Planet Creator: This resource is slightly hard to use. You create a planet for your utopia. Cody made the directions! Dude9Coolio found the site!
  1. Click on the launch "Planet 10"
  2. Wait for it to load then skip intro
  3. Click on world creator and follow the instructions. Designing your world along the way.
  4. When your planet goes into the solar system, press the pause button, and take screen shot of the planet.
  5. Here is how to take a screen shot
  6. Microsoft: Next to your F12 key is a print screen key. Click on that and then later paste it.
  7. Macintosh/apple: Click on the Shift+apple+4 and a target like thing will appear. Click and drag to make a box over the object you want to take a picture of. A picture will appear on the desktop of your picture.

Angus's Found Resources:

Web Page Counter : This site sets up a hit tracker on your wiki so you can see how many times it has been viewed!

1. Create an account on the link above. Use your blog name and you password. Set up a Mailinator if you don't want to use your real one.
2. Select the type of clicker you want for your Utopia.
3. Copy the code and paste it into the Embedded code layout (T.V. button).

Lewie's Found Resources:

Wizard Words What you do is type in any word or phrase in the box and the wizard man will "spell" it out.
  1. Click on the link and it will take you there.
  2. Find the box that allows you to type in your phrase.
  3. Click generate when you are finished typing your phrase.
  4. Copy the code that you generated.
  5. Paste the code into the "T.V." button on discovery utopias, click save and your done.

Matt's found resources:

Cool text creater Create logos. Great for Cool headlines. You can also create buttons.

Evan's Found Resources:

Logo/Text Maker Create logos and do cool things with text.

Carsten's reasources

Random Generator of title stuff Sign generator
Street sign generator
Hollywood sign generator


The BritLit Podcast: This example is of reactions to two utopian/dystopian novels, Animal Farm and 1984. Listen to them and think about how you can react to your utopian/dystopian novel in audio form.