By Matthew R.

Lebensraum, Hitler's Dream. Thankfully a failed utopia. It was Hitler's dreams of the world the way he wanted it. A communist utopia. This utopia technically never did exist but came close. My utopia is better than this utopia for several reasons.
1. Hitler wanted to force people to live his way. In my utopia you can chose how to you want live.
2. He wanted to totally wipe out a religion, which is an impossible goal. In my utopia there are realistic goals such as to improve technology to the highest extent of that age and era.
3.Hitler didn't have a large group of people that followed his beliefs, and if people didn't then they died, Which means rebellion which had to be in a violent ways. In my utopia you can follow your beliefs and if you don't agree with the government you can report your case and it will be an issue in the next election or if possible sooner(elections are annual).
4. A lot of people hated Hitler it's hard to run a utopia when people hate you. In my utopia you get to chose your government leader every year.
5. In Hitler's utopia there wasn't a very well organized form of government. In mine there is well organized government officials. And an electoral process in which the are elected.