New Harmony by Evan

This utopia was planned to be built in Indiana by German immigrants. Johann George Rapp found the town and based it off his church beliefs. People who believed in the same thing as Rapp joined his society. People lived in log cabins. Rapp refused to join the military and did not want to send his children to a Lutheran Church school. He based his society on the opposite of this.

1. My utopia is better, because it has religious freedom.
2. My utopia has more fun things to do.
3. My utopia has better housing.
4. My utopia has more defense to protect Olein. People join the military by choice, because they get payed.
5. My utopia has better transportation, because it is almost always in motion.
6. My utopia has modern day electronics and gadgets.
7. My utopia is larger and can cover a lot more land than New Harmony.
8. Everyone is allowed in my utopia not just people with the same religious beliefs.
9. Corruption has been taken away, so there won't be a civil war.
10. There are more events on my utopia.