Utopia Proposal

Official Name of Utopia Proposed:

Directions: Please complete all sections of the proposal. You may do this one one page or many connected pages. You may use media to enhance your ideas, but all media must be cited correctly and used with the permission of the creator. You may weave these answers into a story or you may answer them all directly. Please copy this page onto a new one (labeling it with your first name or blog user name only) and start from there.

I. Origins

A. How will this Utopia come into being? Be very specific about
deliberate creation versus accidental creation.

B. What is the time line for the creation and development of this Utopia?
If you began building tomorrow, where will your society be in 5 years?
In 50 years? In 500 years?

C. How do people find out about your Utopia? Do people accidentally stumble across it through exploration? Is a member of the society telling the story of the utopia?

II. Population and Demographics

A. Please indicate the projected population statistics here:
Year one: number of women_, men_, children_
Year fifty: number of women_, men_, children_
Year five hundred: number of women_, men_, children_

B. Does this Utopia have specific criteria for entry? If so, please list
the criteria here. (Do not forget to list language(s) spoken.) If not,
please proceed to the next section.

C. What are the specific skills, if any, possessed by the first generation of
citizens in this Utopia?

D. How does your Utopia deal with the concept of race, especially in its incecption (beginning)? Does it have only one race? Does it allow mixed race bonds to be formed?

III. Culture, Social Customs, and Family Structure

A. Education of citizens is an important aspect in most civilizations.
How will this Utopia respond to the following issues:
1. Access to education

2. Curriculum taught and vehicle(s) for curriculum delivery

3. Value placed on the role of Educators

B. How will this Utopia address the following issues regarding religion?
1. State sanctioned religion vs. multiple religious traditions

a. If a state sanctioned religion, what level of observance
will be required? What will enforcement procedures entail?

2. Observance of eastern and western religions as they
currently exist vs. the creation of a new religion or many
new religions?

C. Arts and Entertainment:
Most great societies encourage the flourishing of the full range of human talents. (Note: do not address censorship in this section; see the Government section) How will this Utopia accommodate the following activities:
1. Literature (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, etc.)

2. Fine arts (painting, sculpture, drawing, acting, dance, etc.)

3. Music (instrumental - classic, instrumental - contemporary,
vocal, etc.)

4. Film (documentary, animation, fiction, etc.)

5. Sports

6. Value placed on the role of Artists and Athletes

D. Food: Will this Utopia have a national dish? What will be
the prevailing cultural attitude toward food? (For example,
necessary evil or daily joy?)

E. How has your Utopia dealt with the following isues of social customs:
1. New vs. Old Holidays

2. Social Classes (Are different groups of people viewed differently?)

3. Notoriety, Celebrity, and Respect

4. Life goals, Hopes, and Dreams

F. How are families structured in your Utopia? (Is there a concept of marriage? How do children interact with their elders?)

G. How do men and women relate to one another?

IV. Industry, Agricultre, and Geography

A. What is the geography of this utopian place? What are the major geographical features (bodies of water, mountains, canyons, etc.)? What does this place look like?

B. What natural resources, if any, are available? How will they be used?

C. Is the climate suitable for agriculture? If so, what crops will be
cultivated? Please make reference to population statistics for
feasibility calculation.

D. How are jobs determined? What percentage of the workforce is
dedicated to the survival and growth of the Utopia?

E. Is this Utopia notable for any particular crop (e.g. silk, kiwi fruit) or
industry (e.g. postage stamps, fine furniture)?

F. What, if anything, is imported? From whom?

G. What, if anything, is exported? To whom?

V. Government

A. Describe and, if possible, name the informing political philosophy
of this Utopia.

C. Describe the level of participation in the following governmental
1. Choosing/removing leaders

2. Creating/changing laws

D. What are the “checks” on governmental power, if any?

E. How does this government support or suppress the expression of
individual ideas?

F. What are the methods and means of law enforcement and military operations (both peace keeping and war making):
1. At the local level?

2. At the national level?

3. At the international (or global) level?

G. What type, if any, of diplomacy will this Utopia use?

H. What type, if any, currency will this Utopia use?

VI. Infrastructure

A. Community services
1. Health Care/Hospitals

2. Libraries

3. Fire protection

4. Other

B. Urban planning
1. Types of homes (single-family, multiple-family, apartment
complexes, long houses, etc.

2. Zoning for industrial and warehouse areas

3. Recreation centers

C. Funding

1. Taxes

2. Contributions from industry

VII: Reaction to Society and Other Utopias (You may want to wait until you have finished your reaction novel in order to complete this section)

A. How is your Utopia a reaction to the utopia that you read about in your independent novel?

B. What historical precedents (or from other works of fiction) have influenced your Utopian ideas?

C. How is your Utopia a reaction to the society that you are living in?

IX. Unique Features of this Utopia

Please use this section to elaborate on special aspects of your Utopia which did not fit any category on the proposal form.