Here are the Rules for the Utopian War Game from the Board of War: (Rules being Developed)

1. The event is to be held at the end of the "school" year.

2. Population Year 500

3. Bracket System

Government, Culture, Military

Votes for wins?


random battles (draw straws)

Hat Draw? - Battle Tactics - 100 different item -- Have to do at least 10

Discussion on who would win

Difference in years?

No army? What happens? Do you get a temp. one?

Have simply moves. Not Role playing.
Intense but not complex.

Austin's Idea in Progress:

  • Each society makes a choice on the size of the army, in a ration. People vs. Area (i.e. 10 people per sq. mile).
    • The limits on this would be 20-30 people per sq. mile.
  • For each person per sq. mile you have, it costs your Utopia X amount of money and resources.
    • Your money comes from any source of income. For instance; what do you export, does it cost citizens money to live, does it cost money to work, etc.
      • Your Island's net worth is decided on by you, but it is looked at by an audience. You have to calculate the cost to run all the public facilities, the amount of taxes and income you have, the amount you pay out for parks and such, etc.
  • For each battle that takes place your Utopia must have the income from anywhere, to pay for the resources, food, men's time, vehicles, ammunition, transportation, etc. The more people, the more it will cost.
  • Before each battle each opponent must come up with a plan, without knowing the other person's plan of action.
    • i.e. How many people in air, water, land? How many attackers? What angles ect.
  • Then each person draws ten cards, or ten things from a randomizer.
    • Theses things would say things like:
      • Battle happens on your turf.
      • You have the element of surprise.
      • 10% of your men die from disease.
      • A plane crashes killing 20 people.
      • You run out of ammo half way through the battle.
      • Your men retaliate, and 20% join other side.
      • etc
  • Than during the battle the two fighters reveal one move at a time. Example:
    • Mason and I are battling.
    • I currently have 100 men, he has 95.
    • We already drew the cards and it is on my land; I go first.
    • I move towards his force one mile; we now are separated by one mile.
    • He moves towards me one mile; we meet.
    • I then bring in bomber planes and drop two bombs.
      • I kill fifty of his men, and forty of mine.
    • So on and so forth.
    • At end of battle my Utopia loses one hundred million euros, and eighty men. But we won the battle and Mason's Utopia and resources.
    • At end Mason loses everything.
      • Mason's Utopia is now mine and due to the size increase I get more soldiers, as per the ratio, and I then must pay more for the next battle.

Ex. of Game Board or Diagram in order to make moves and to calculate how many have died. You also can show the people and their locations and you can move them; hopefully we get pieces like in the risk game. You also can then make rules that missels can only go one inch, or bombs can only be shot two cm's, etc.


Angus's Idea in Progress:
  • The army size is to be based on year 500 population, government, society, military, and enlistment rules.
  • There are one or two people as the "War Masters" to make sure everything is played fair.
  • After your land is conquered, you cannot get it back.
  • We play until one person has everyone's utopians.
  • If a Utopia is "Army-less", can they be givin a temporary army or do they have to forfit?
  • After the turn of events, a discussion can be made to see who you think is the winner. The actual winner will be found out through a stitistics program. (Eg. 200 men vs. 50 men outcome, 200 man army wins.)

Note: Any ideas for changing rules or adding rules must be presented to Mr. Wilkoff or Angus