This failed utopia was called oneida by the founders. The founder was John Humphrey a citizen of New York. Here is a link to read more info. Oneida page.
My utopia will not end up that way because we have a large reason to live with a lot of the same views and no stereotypes. We care about others and try not to discriminate others. We also can out of a nuclear war so we really have a need for survival and that overpasses harsh thoughts. We teach all the children to love not covet beings or belongings. We have beliefs that all humans are a free people to rule themselves. In oneida the people were forced to do certain jobs because they were colored or a women. We get to choose the jobs we want to do and have the freedom we want.

Oneida was a utopia in Oneida, New York (what a coincidence) some of the beleifs were like compound relationships. They believed that every man was every woman's husband and every women was every man's wife. They also believed that kids should be isolated from their parents and be raised by trained professionals. One of the weirdest (and grossest) beliefs was that sex should be given a time and a date and be palnned ahead of time with certain person and it was recorded. This was set in place to reduce favoritism.