The Discovery Utopia Project

Each year, the Discovery team creates multiple visions of a perfect society. Each one is unique and amazing because it is a singular view of how the world should be. This year, however, the students on the Discovery team are going to create a pluralistic vision of perfection. They will be using this wiki to answer all of the great questions of society (What is the role of government, What is the responsibility of the individual, etc.) and come to a collaborative consensus about what a society truly needs in order to run smoothly.

The students will use the discussion tab in order to debate their ideas and the history tab to see the evolution of their ideas.

They will embed media to show their concepts in different ways.

They will link to one another, creating a web of ideas.

They will add pages explaining their thoughts, coming together and splitting from one another at times.

They will adhere to the Discovery Blogging Rules, and the rules set out by themselves in their perfect societies.

They will transform the Utopia Template into a working society of their own creation using multiple types of text.

Utopia/Dystopia Book Discussions

Clean-Up and Help Crew Members:

Please ask these students first to help you with creating, editing, and formating your pages:

Utopias Gabbly Chat

If you would like to see a full transcript of this discussion to get ideas for your Utopia, please go here.

Questions, Collaboration, and Support

If you have any questions about the Utopia project specifically or Mr. Wilkoff's classes in general please contact Ben Wilkoff at benjamin.wilkoff@dcsdk12.org.

We are also looking to collaborate with schools in other countries/states in future iterations of this project. We want to know how the vision of utopia change when the geography changes. If you live in another country or state and are interested in collaborating on this project, please e-mail Ben Wilkoff at benjamin.wilkoff@dcsdk12.org.

If you are interested in supporting the Utopia project, I encourage you to please visit The Academy of Discovery homepage to find out more about the pedagogy behind this project.